The studio

Make-do studio is what you have, when you don't actually have a studio! That's where it all began at least - because, my former make-do, was a breakfast bar and $5 stool, purchased from the local thrift store. When not used as a studio space, it was shared with my eldest, who very much liked to eat there.

Since December 2015, however, I have been able to move into one of our spare rooms. It's shared with other family possessions, like collectable toys and books, but still a much larger space, where I can spread out without depriving someone of an eating area.

Whatever space I'm creating at though, Make-do, is still about creating with whatever you have available. I've been known to use newspapers and old printing paper, to create collage pieces, or plastic bottle-tops instead of paintbrushes.

So basically, I make-do, a little, every day - discovering new ways to create!

If you want to read a little more about my studio, see this post.

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