Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tranquility piece

It's been ten months since I worked in my studio. Nesting priorities, come first at this stage in my life. But what was working against me getting back in there, was having my studio overtaken with remnants of a quilt project, and anything else we cared to dump, when visitors were expected

I did a massive clean recently, and reclaimed my creative space. To mark this special occasion, I selected a subjected matter, I hoped would create a sense of tranquility and reflection, in my new space.

I found a picture online, of a young girl, playing with water from a jetty. But she had a frilly skirt on, and I wanted to create a lady. So I sketched with charcoal, something more from my mind - using the online image for cues.

I started with hot pick and green acrylic paint, for a more abstract use of colours. But the more I added, the more I found the pink burning into my retina. I wanted something more tranquil.

Using white gesso, helped me tone back the pink, with just a hint remaining. I could probably play with this piece some more, but figured it went against the tranquility I was aiming for. Too many details would have forced me to concentrate, more than I actually planned to.

So I leave it on my wall as a reminder, not to force creativity. Just accept it, how it flows sometimes.

Materials used: watercolour paper, charcoal, gesso, acrylic paint and water soluble, artbar.