Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A man's style

My husband was the first to bring this to my attention, but apparently not a lot is made of men's fashion. Well, not as prominent in the minds of society, as women's fashion is. It's the poorer cousin, twice removed.

So when I read an art tutorial recently, which said to just let loose with your creativity, and do whatever comes to your mind (no photo reference material) I thought of a man's style.

What does male fashion look like to him? Is it about the clothes, or is it about the way he feels in said clothes. This is the story behind my random picture that I drew with pen and watercolour, recently.

Black pen and watercolour

It's meant to be a calm repose, isolated, yet in a public space. It was not meant to be super realistic, and I deliberately didn't fuss over the details. Normally I could spend an hour, just drawing the picture, but instead it took me an hour to sketch, pen and paint, while also having to distract a toddler.

I like the finished picture. It works for me as an experiment in a man's fashion sense. Because it's both a little bit stylish, but also not fussy either.

I also enjoyed, playing with perspective on the page.